Monday, May 16

The Edge of Glory

So, everyday since my official 'retirement' as a student have been packed. I think there was only one day that I actually stayed home the entire day. Can't help that mummy hates me once in a while. I still love her to bits. Sent her flowers on Mothers' Day knowing that she would say "Wa how much is this why you always waste money ahhhh" but knew that she would be sekretly happy.

Set up flea market stall with S on Saturday. It was mega awesome cos we realized whatever we do, wherever we go, there're bound to be fail moments. I love her to bits. For being the most spontaneous friend ever. (We agreed to have the flea stall on Thursday and decision made, money paid and all set in 5 minutes) As spontaneous as we are, we are extremely last minute people as well. Cos we were frantically searching for a clothes rack at 1:30pm. Tried Cold Stone Creamery and didn't get what the hype was all about.

Took a bus ride to bukit panjang with Skips. I missed the times we had long, random talks about life, ourselves and people in our lives [: And last week at the newly renovated and very haps looking Clementi Mall, the whole group of us were talking about Mell's not-so-distant wedding and deciding on activities for Hen's Night and the color of the dresses the jie-meis would be wearing. We've come so far and became friends for a decade. And counting (:

Bangkok in less than a week and the States in about 2 weeks! Going to be mad broke after all these traveling but i heart plane rides and travels.

Clubbed too much this year, this sem. But Singapore just bores me to the core. Still trying to get my life together and unless I feel that I've got it right, I'd remain like this. I'm happy I'm sure of what I want and where I wanna be. So just give me time, let me chance upon it. Meanwhile I get to party [: Down side is, my alcohol tolerance has been improving like a steep curve. It srsly sucks to be the last one standing every time. & puking is the best feeling on Earth cos I would feel like I've purged all the toxins in me. Up side being I know that my friends would be safe with me. Time to reciprocate cos I've always being the one being taken care of. All the bloody damn while. I love you friends. For cleaning vomit, waiting hours outside bathrooms etc. I really do <3

Sometimes I hate those accurate vibes I get from people and situations. (I'm also extremely sure I'd live to hate what I just said) I just feel less innocent once I get those thoughts. And it's not like I can help it.

Every step I take I leave room for excuses for myself to use. I never wanna be the bad guy. ok, girl. So it isn't easy to get signals from me. Cos I hardly ever give out any. And if it ever crossed your mind, I will never ever give out wrong signals. So when in doubt, assume negative [:

And a very significant part of my extremely happy life now is that THE AIR CONDITIONER IS NOT WORKING. ):

Saturday, April 23


"Why didn't I get to know you earlier?"

"You'd better be my damn awesome friend forever!"

"hahaha. DAFF?"

"Let's add a YO, like I'm your damn awesome friend forever yo. makes it DAFFY."

"Like DAFFY DUCK? HAHAHA. STOP MAKING ME LOL to my screen! It's 4am and people are staring!"


Saturday, March 5

Young Blood

Some people, you know, they'll never leave [:

Haven't told mummy about the Bangkok trip. People have been suggesting that I say I'm going to a chalet or sleepover & appear at home after 3 days. But the loot from BKK shopping will exposure my lousy sekret. Am gonna tell her after I get a job offer. And when I do, I wanna plan for another trip! Before the states and before BKK. Greedy I know. But, JOBBBBBBBB!!!!

Right now, I'd rather dedicate my life to finding employment than going to school. I will go through all the assessment centres and profiling and interviews! Like Max's nick: Pick Me Choose Me Hire Me! Don't wanna do anything school related. But I love Team FIN-tastic :D The best project group in my 4 years in university (:

Currently buried in the world of CIOs, cloud computing, IT and info systems. I'm damn un-techy la. Except for the social media part. But I'll prove myself and let the project prove to me it's something worthwhile.

& baby, money is oh so motivating!

Wednesday, March 2

Were we all born Superstars?


Why we spend a quarter of our lives rushing essays and reports for school and then spend another quarter of it rushing the same things for work?



I also wanna be a Superstar la.

Sunday, February 27


It's indeed surreal that I'm heading to the States for Graduation Trip. It was like BAMbamBAMWHOA. But YEAH! We're going to the US of A :D

I guess mummy only had 2 days to change her game plan. Cos in the end, I booked my tickets before I got a job. Yeh, will be more pro-active now. PROMISE.

I think everything is just the way I want it right now? Maybe? Or maybe not. Since Lund, I've always felt being back home bores the hell of me that makes me who I am. I probably prefer the person I was in Lund. Going on Skype to screamshoutrant if something bothered me. Here, it's much unhealthier.

It's Week 7 & I haven't written a single shit for CP, or FYP as everyone knows it. ggxxttm. I'm such an optimist sometimes that I hate myself. At this point, I still have absolute faith of producing a mind-blowin' jaw-droppin' CP report & presentation in Week 13. But I also love that my optimism is contagious to some extent.

That day in the car, when our voices and laughter drowned the music from the radio, it was a really happy moment and I was really glad for friends like J and L.

Life points me in the wrong direction at times cos it stops me from truly feeling cos I'm afraid of losing.

I remember something bestest once told me. That when too much output is from one side it's unhealthy cos it tips the friendship balance. That's why he's bestest & nobody can beat that cos our balance was never tipped. But cos nothing is constant and although it never tipped, it kind of disappeared altogether.

Friday, February 25

Let the Rain, Wash Away, all the Pain of Yesterday

Some rather ancient clubbing photos went up on Facebook and as we were attempting to privatize the album cos it may be career-wrecking to some extent, I gave up half-way and told S: Think Ke$ha - We R Who We R.

Sunday, February 13


Have been missing from blogosphere. Cos I now have a Tumblr! Was telling J that everyone who Tumblr sounds emo. Well, not me. I'm pretty sure I'm more emo here. And it'll stay this way I suppose. Too many memories & lost feelings here.

I'm pretty much an alcoholic, by any measurement or comparison. Abstinence for 1 week 4 days has rendered me pretty desperate. Thus, I have a 9/10-drunk bottle of Hoegarden beside the laptop right now. I won't usually drink especially if I've a deadline tomorrow.

Chingay was a bitch. I dislike my CP project. It's a management disaster. Period. But I believe this shit has done me some good. At least now I know that the real world sucks.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! It's interesting to think how my Valentine's Day each year has evolved over the years, since secondary school days. I've no time to think about this aspect of life right now, not because I'm not in the mood (like J), but because I've a different focus in life HAHA. I'm dead serious. HAHAHAHA. Cos I frigging need to find an awesome job. That I'll fall head over heels and be in love with it for the longest time to earn truckloads of money to satisfy all my materialistic wants and continue travelling the world.